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ECOLAB Cordyceps sinensis

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Cordyceps is the best preparation of natural origin supporting and strengthening one’s body.

ECOLAB Cordyceps sinensis

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Cordyceps has been used in the Chinese and Tibetan medicine for more than 5000 years. However, this miraculous plant became widely known only in 1993 when three Chinese sportswomen had broken five world records and their coach revealed their secret to the TV journalist:  the women were taking Cordyceps.

This queen of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology also known as a life-extending agent is praised by both the followers of non-traditional medicine and scientists attributing to the plant the power to cure all diseases, for Cordyceps is capable of strengthening the body and its systems in general, it is an anti-ageing remedy and it boosts the immune system and gives energy. Healers and scientists believe that it is the most potent plant capable of improving one’s health. Healers believe that this medicinal plant has the ability to reveal the ultimate cause of the disease on its own, that is why man does not realize and notice the considerable part of the healing process. 

Research results give evidence that Cordyceps:

  • - Stimulates and boosts the immune system – increases the body’s natural resistance against viruses, bacteria and other disease-producing agents;
  • - Improves sexual potency, cures impotence and infertility, boosts libido and increases the amount of male and female sex hormones;
  • - Improves oxygen intake, gives energy and vitality and as a result all  body systems start to function better;
  • - Raises muscle tone and  physical strength, which is especially efficient for elderly people and sportsmen;
  • - Improves functioning of the lungs and protects them – having an anti-inflammatory effect and  relaxing bronchial walls, it works well in case of coughing, chronical bronchitis and asthma;
  • - Is an antiageing agent, reduces fatigue and stress – as an antioxidant, Cordyceps stimulates  reproduction of body cells, ensures sound sleep, calms the nervous system;
  • - Improves blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, strengthen the heart muscle, prevents trombus formation
  • - Stimulates functioning of the brain, thyroid and endocrine system;
  • - Regulates functioning of kidneys that are considered to be our „second heart“ ;
  • - Improves functioning of  the liver and protects it;
  • - Improves blood supply to all body organs thus increasing the body’s capacity to resist against disease-producing agents;
  • - Is a strong natural antibiotics and a good anaelgetic agent;
  • - Cleans the lymphatic system;
  • - Kills parasites living in a human body, their larva and eggs;
  • - Prevents oncology diseases.

It is supposed that Cordyceps has two types of energy: male-female and plant-animal whose mode of action differs from the action exhibited by other plants in the world.   Cordyceps  acts in a warm and mild manner slowly removing energy blocks and it balances energy transfer thus healing all body organs and systems.

It is for this reason, irrespectively of one’s sex, age and mode of life, Cordyceps is the best preparation of natural origin supporting and strengthening one’s body.


 Children 7 to 16 years of age – 1-2 capsules per day, adults  – 2-4 capsules per day.

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Ailment Cardio-vascular system, Children, Immune system, Men's Health, Pain reliever, Pregnancy, Respiratory system, Urinary system, Women's Health, Еndocrine system
Volume 90
Unit caps

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