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DABUR Mustard Oil

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Dabur mustard oil is made from pure mustard.
Good for external use.

DABUR Mustard Oil

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A finely blended mustard flavored oil. A pungent oil pressed from the seeds of the Indian mustard plant Brassica juncea, used both as a cooking medium and a hair and skin beautifying treatment in India. Both skin and hair get natural benefit from application of Ayurveda mustard oil that serves as the best lubricant and is obtained from mustard seed oils and is a pure cold-pressed vegetable oil. Whether your purpose is to get head massage, body massage, or treat any skin inflammation, Ayurvedic massage oils are the best option for you as they get absorbed in the skin and hair very easily and nourish the body with essential natural vitamins and minerals.
According to Ayurvedic Medicine, mustard prevents cancer and is rich in vitamin C. Due to medicinal and healing benefits of mustard oil, western culture has started incorporating this wonder oil in their diet by making it their cooking oil for preparing green vegetables, meat, pork, chicken, and to make other recipes on a daily basis. Mustard oil gained popularity from India as it has been widely used in India in form of cooking oil for last 500 or more years. Also mustard hair oil is very popular in
India as it prevents premature graying of hair and hair loss. Mustard oil is greasy and mildly spicy and provides warmth to the body. Regular body massage of mustard oil prevents joint pains and skin infections as it forms a protective waterproof layer on the body. In wintertime, I apply Ayurvedic mustard oil 20 minutes before bathing on a daily basis on my body and hair as a preventative measure against any possible infection of the skin and also to prevent premature graying of hair and hair loss. One can buy mustard in form of grain also or can buy commercially prepared in the market. 

In India, mustard oil is popularly known as sarson oil. According to Ayurvedic medicine, benefits of mustard oil include:

- Mustard oil obtained from seeds of yellow mustard is the best mustard oil
- Regular use of mustard oil helps in eliminating the diseases that are caused by Vata or air and mucus or kapha as this amazing oil increases body heat or Pitta.
- Ayurveda Mustard oil is good for joint pains, skin inflammation, and heals minor skin lacerations, cuts, and wounds.
- Ayurveda Mustard oil is famous for its disinfecting, fungicidal, and antiparasitic properties.
- If mustard oil is applied on bleeding cuts, it immediately stops bleeding.
- When mustard oil is rubbed on the skin, it gets absorbed quickly and relaxes the nerves, ligaments, and muscles.
- Ayurveda Mustard oil is even safe and effective when applied to sensitive areas like ears, nose, genitals, and anus.
- Mustard oil enhances natural skin and hair pigmentation and strengthens skin and hair and has been found beneficial in treatment and prevention of premature graying of hair and hair loss when used for regular and prolonged period.
- If you are having ear pain that starts suddenly, it can be easily cured by instilling a few drops of warm (not hot) mustard oil in the affected ear.

For any kind of skin inflammation on the body like insect bites, abrasions, minor cuts, mustard oil massage is very beneficial.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Dabur (India, UK)
Skin type Normal, Acne, Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive
Volume 475
Unit ml

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