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A well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Natural cosmetics have become a major trend in recent years. Explore our web shop and find best suitable goods for you!


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  • Himalaya Herbals Dental Cream

    Himalaya Herbals Dental Cream

    Oral health, soothes sensitive gums, freshens breath, herbal care for teeth and gum.
  • DABUR Red Toothpaste

    DABUR Red Toothpaste

    Dabur Red Toothpaste is packed with the power of 13 active Ayurvedic ingredients like Laung Pudina & Tomar, that keep all your dental problems away.
  • DABUR Basil Toothpaste

    DABUR Basil Toothpaste

    Basil, (Ocimum Sanctum), a herb of Oriental origin, is known for its powerful refreshing properties. Basil helps remove plaque leading to strong sparkling white teeth.
  • DABUR Toothpaste Clove

    DABUR Toothpaste Clove

    Clove has been used for many years as a germicide and antiseptic. Clove is also known for its anaesthetic effect and is ideal to help maintain the health of sensitive teeth and gums.
  • DABUR Neem Toothpaste

    DABUR Neem Toothpaste

    Dabur Herbal Toothpaste range is a radical breakthrough from Dabur in natural oral care. Neem toothpaste brings to you the completely natural and powerful anti-bacterial formula. Say no to bacteria and gum disease, discover Dabur Neem!
  • DABUR Toothpaste Miswak

    DABUR Toothpaste Miswak

    Dabur brings you the gift of nature in Dabur Miswak! Enriched with the pure extract of Miswak or the “Toothbrush Tree” Dabur Miswak has powerful natural astringent and anti bacterial properties to help prevent tooth decay and maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • HEALINATURE Oyster Calcium

    HEALINATURE Oyster Calcium

    Oyster Calcium - "building material" for strong bones!
  • DABUR Toothpaste Aloe Vera

    DABUR Toothpaste Aloe Vera

    Aloe is a natural soothing and wound healing supporting agent, it can bring relief from inflammation of the gums

8 Item(s)

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