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1.1 General Conditions and User Manual are subject to applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

1.2 In event of disputes, unless General Conditions or User Manual provide necessary means to resolve the emerged situation, the law provisions shall prevail (

1.3 Legal relationship between “Nature4you” and the Customer as well as the entering into contract of purchase and sale between “Nature4you”and the Customer, in addition to General Conditions and User Manual, shall be governed by applicable laws of the Republic of Estonia, good business practices, price lists of DHL, TNT (and/or other established price lists of express services preferred by the Customer and/or “Nature4you”), price lists of Estonian Post Ltd. etc.

1.4 “Nature4you” is entitled to amend General Conditions and “Nature4you”’s homepage unilaterally without advance notice, provided that the Customer is aware of amendments by using and accessing information on the homepage and “Nature4you”’s e-shop. The amendments made will take effect from the moment of publishing on and are not subject to contestation.

1.5 Upon performing purchase, the Customer grants their consent and confirms that they have examined, read and understood the provisions in General Conditions.


2.1 For convenient purchasing at the “Nature4you”’s e-shop, the Customer has an opportunity to create their personal user account. The user account is intended for personal use by the Customer. Under the user account, the information entered by the Customer upon the account creation will be stored, thereafter their purchases history will be stored there as well. The Customer can amend/update their information at any time. The personal user account is secured by a password chosen by the Customer.

2.2 Upon registration, the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as the Customer) assigns to “Nature4you” their personal information. “Nature4you” shall use the Customer’s data to complete orders and will process its customers’ data in accordance with the provisions and restrictions set in legislation. The information entered upon registration will not be disclosed to third parties (except for cases, procedures and scope provided by law, incl. to Estonian Tax and Customs Board and Estonian Police on the basis of corresponding query).

2.3 For the purpose of item delivery, “Nature4you” shall forward the Customer’s postal address to the supply service provider.

2.4 Personal user account of the Customer is secured by a password chosen by the Customer. The latter is responsible for not disclosing the password to third parties.

2.5 When the Customer creates their personal user account, then it would not be necessary to enter their contact information again. However, the Customer is responsible for keeping the information accurate and updated.


3.1 Each item commercially available has the button „Add to cart“. Clicking the button adds the item to the Customer’s personal cart.

3.2 When the Customer adds their desired item to the cart, the item will be booked for 1 (one) subsequent day.

3.3 If the Customer keeps the item in their cart for more than 1 (one) day, then the item will be released from booking and made available to other e-shop purchasers for purchasing.

3.4 The Customer can amend (colour, quantity, size) and delete the items in the cart as desired, provided that the other items have not been purchased already.

3.5 When all desired items are in the cart, the Customer shall start ordering them by clicking the appropriate link, followed by choosing a suitable delivery method and verifying accuracy of the e-mail address entered.

3.6 Confirmation of the order.

3.7 When the Customer confirms the order, then they will receive an e-invoice to the e-mail address provided by the Customer. The invoice includes the goods ordered, their price, chosen delivery method and its cost as well as the postal address of the Customer or the consignee. The invoice’s conformity with the items ordered and accuracy of the postal address should be verified prior to the paying of the invoice, later claims will not be accepted (incl. discount or choosing the delivery method).

3.8 The invoice issued by “Nature4you” is subject to payment within three (3) calendar days from the date of issue.

3.9 “Nature4you” is entitled to cancel the order and annul the invoice submitted to the Customer, if the Customer has not paid the invoice within the three calendar days from its issuing, deeming the failure to act by the Customer to withdrawal from the transaction. After the annulment of the invoice and cancellation of the order the items will be made available in the e-shop for purchasing.

3.10 If the Customer, within one month, has three cancelled accounts, then their customer account will be temporarily closed.

3.11 If “Nature4you” has reasonable doubt that the cart is being misused, then the Company is entitled to release the items earlier from booking and block the user account until the Customer submits their reasons for such a conduct.

3.12 The items offered in the e-shop can be purchased and delivered to the address different from the Customer’s. If you wish to purchase an item as a gift, please provide respective annotations during the completion of your order.


4.1 “Nature4you”’s e-shop prices include the VAT rate of 20%, currently in force in the Republic of Estonia. In the e-shop, the prices are given in Euros.

4.2 The prices shown in the e-shop are without delivery charge, to be added according to the delivery method chosen by the Customer.

4.3 Within Estonia, delivery charge will not be added if the value of goods in the cart exceeds 300 Euros. For the residents of the EU countries, goods delivery will be free of charge if the items’ value in the cart exceeds 700 euros.

4.4 Delivery fee is dependent on delivery method; such a method will be chosen by the Customer. Delivery:

  • - Estonian Post / registered parcel
  • - Estonian Post / ELS express service
  • - SmartPost

4.5 “Nature4you” guarantees consignment of goods to the Customer within a reasonable time (usually within two working days from payment of the invoice) on condition that the Customer receives the goods within 30 days, provided that the invoice issued is paid by the Customer in a timely manner;

4.6 If the Customer chooses ELS express service as preferred delivery method and pays the invoice before 1 p.m. on a working day, then the goods will be posted the same day.

4.7 “Nature4you” cannot be held liable for the breakage/damage of the item correctly packed from the moment the item is transferred to a supply service provider. Corresponding complaints should be addressed to the supply service provider directly. Based on written (e-mail, unattested letter, fax message) application, “Nature4you” can issue a copy of the accompanying document and/or item description and confirmation of accurate packaging to the Customer or the company providing supply services.

4.8 Based on the nature, the goods are packed into security envelope or hard cardboard box and into bubble wrap, if necessary. Fragile items are marked accordingly.

4.9 E-shop can be used for purchases by residents of the European Union countries. Residents from other countries should contact us before placing an order.

4.10 “Nature4you” is entitled to cancel/suspend the order if the Customer is located outside the above-listed countries. In this case, “Nature4you” will contact the Customer and tries to find appropriate solution for payment and delivery. It is then, prior to placing an order, advisable to contact “Nature4you”: e-mail: shop{a}, telephone: + 372 5334 5151.

4.11 “Nature4you” is entitled to amend the prices in the e-shop unilaterally. The price the Customer has to pay is the one given with the item in e-shop when the item is added to the cart. If the item is discounted later, then the price difference will neither be compensated nor contested.

4.12 Discount coupons / promotional discounts grant a single discount in the given amount and/or percentage.

4.13 Discount is implemented only if, upon placing an order, the Customer enters respective code/password into respective box. Discounts are never calculated afterwards.

4.14 Cost of the promotional goods purchased (e.g. weekend special offer: hair care products –10%) will be calculated by the system after placing the order and the discount will be reflected in the invoice to be sent to the Customer. If there is no discount in the invoice and the Customer wishes to get the discount, they should contact “Nature4you” by respective e-mail prior to payment of the invoice: shop{a}

4.15 Postal expenses paid are non-returnable. If the item purchased is not suitable for the Customer and they wish to replace it, all return-related costs shall be borne by the Customer. The new item shall be sent to the Customer at the “Nature4you”’s expense.


5.1 All products in the “Nature4you”’s e-shop commercially available are under “Nature4you”’s right of ownership. When the Customer pays for the order on the basis of the invoice issued by “Nature4you” in the amount given, that right of ownership shall subrogate to the Customer.

5.2 “Nature4you” shall guarantee that all goods are original and comply with the quality standards set by the brand in question. All products commercially available are carefully selected and each item is individually inspected for absence of defects / errors / non-compliance with the brand-specific numbering.

5.3 All items commercially available are new.

5.4 All items commercially available are subject to guarantees prescribed in laws and User Manual as well as to procedures prescribed in laws and General Conditions.

5.5 The Customer is obliged to notify “Nature4you” of defective goods as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days from the receipt of the goods. If this information is not forwarded to “Nature4you” during the term, then the Customer shall lose the right to return or replace the goods.

5.6 If, upon purchasing, the product experiences technical defects or errors, then the Customer is entitled to claim the product to be repaired. If repair of the product is unreasonable, then the Customer is entitled to claim the product to be replaced. If there are no appropriate items in stock, then the Customer is entitled to claim refund for the item.

5.7 The Customer is entitled to return the goods within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the receipt of goods. Returnable goods should be unused, undamaged, with labels and in original packaging. “Nature4you” will refund to the Customer within 10 (ten) calendar days from the receipt of goods. If labels are removed from the item, its usage is visible or the Customer has damaged or used it abnormally, then “Nature4you” is entitled to clear based on reduction of the item’s value, and thus not to refund the full amount paid by the Customer.

5.8 With return of the product, a return card should be filled by the Customer. The card should include the name and commodity code, date of purchase and date of receipt, price of product(s) and reason for return.

5.9 Product returns shall occur by post or, by prior agreement, by bringing them to “Nature4you”’s office located at Interval OÜ, Katusepapi 20, 11412 Tallinn, Estonia. If the Customer decides to return the item by post, then, after posting, they are entitled to notify “Nature4you” of the parcel number provided by post office. If the Customer decides to return the item to “Nature4you” as standard parcel, then the Customer is responsible for arrival of the item. Sending items by non-registered post can bring about loss of parcels, and if goods returned in such a manner do not reach the addressee, then “Nature4you” is not obliged to refund cost of the item to the Customer.

5.10 “Nature4you” cannot be held liable for defects/errors arisen or resulted from the Customer’s activity if:

  • - the product was used abnormally;
  • - the product had natural, usage-based wear and tear;
  • - there were other cases proceeding from the law.

5.11 Upon the entry into contract of purchase and sale, the Customer accepts that the following products are non-returnable:

  • - open packed perfumery products (perfumes, creams, decorative cosmetics etc).
  • - open packed audio and video recordings, computer software and products containing computer software

5.12 The Customer has an opportunity to examine commercially available perfumes, creams, and decorative cosmetics beforehand at the “Nature4you” office located at Interval OÜ, Katusepapi 20, 11412 Tallinn, Estonia, or at the offices of authorised representatives (their list can be found on our website under Company information). Shades and perfumes correspond 100% to the ones offered at ordinary commerce. All cosmetic products have shade names and/or numbers, always enabling the Customer to check a product’s suitability.

5.13 If, by mistake, the Customer was sent a wrong item, then the Customer should notify “Nature4you” of the matter within 3 (three) calendar days. Replacement of the item shall take place at “Nature4you”’s expense. If the Customer has been sent an item with higher value and the Customer refuses to replace it, then “Nature4you” is entitled to close the Customer’s account and submit an invoice to compensate the price difference.

5.14 If, according to prior agreement, the Customer expressed their wish for personalization of the item purchased (engraved, printed, embroidered etc) in the form of name, initials or dedication, then the item is non-returnable and non-replaceable.


6.1 The Customer is entitled to cancel their order prior to consignment of the item (respective confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer).

To cancel an order, it is required to send an immediate e-mail at shop{a}, onto the subject line ORDER CANCELLATION and the account number provided by “Nature4you”. If the Customer has paid the invoice already, but wishes to cancel the order, then they should contact “Nature4you” immediately. If the goods have been consigned, it is not possible to cancel the order. If the goods have not been consigned, then “Nature4you” will cancel the Customer’s order and will refund the amount paid for the products to the Customer’s bank account within 10 (ten) calendar days.


The Customer:

  • - Is obliged to use the software of “Nature4you” in a prudent manner.
  • - Is not allowed to add products abundantly to the cart in order to confuse in the form of overbooking. It is further not allowed to place empty orders intentionally. If “Nature4you” has reason to believe that transactions concluded from a user account imply such an objective, then that account will be terminated by “Nature4you”. If the Customer provides reasoned explanation about their behaviour in using the e-shop, the user account limits will be annulled. If it is evident that the Customer has intentionally caused damage to “Nature4you” or impaired the e-shop software, then “Nature4you” is entitled to have recourse to the courts with the claim for damages.
  • - Is obliged to enter, upon creation of the account, accurate e-mail address, and to check its validity before submitting any order. In the event of erroneous and/or incorrect address, “Nature4you” cannot be held liable for delays and/or additional expenses related to the receipt of the goods.
  • - Is not allowed to disseminate false information on the “Nature4you” homepage and e-shop. Everyone who disseminates any false information is responsible for their alleged deliberate and intentional activities pursuant to valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

E-shop “Nature4you” General Conditions and Conditions of Use can be changed and supplemented at any time. Laws are changing, thus conditions and rules of procedure need to be changes/supplemented as well. Amended General Conditions and/or User Manual shall take effect from the moment of publishing on “Nature4you”’s e-shop homepage